Kindle Program


Kindle readers are the most popular type of readers available. For this reason; we have now included them at the Duarte Library. It is thanks to the FDL (Friends of the Duarte Library) that we have ten of them available for you to enjoy when you come to visit us. It also makes us the first in all of the Los Angeles County Libraries to have this service available and we are recognized as being on the cutting edge of library services.

Why We Have Kindles

These ten Kindles are a part of a pilot program. If it is a successful venture and raises interest in our library; further funds will be invested to give people access to more Kindles. They are already filled with 100 classic books that covers several different genres. We have already provided you with the ability to read romance, young adult stories, nonfiction, self-improvement books and much more. They also have a case and charger to ensure that it is always ready when you want to read.

Using the Kindles We Have Available

If you are a member of our library; you already meet the requirements. You can come in and check out a kindle. You can feel free to keep it for up to three-weeks. When you are finished reading the stories that you want to enjoy; you should return the kindle, the case, and the charger.

In the event that you are not sure how to read via a kindle; you will be happy to know that there are people at the library who can help you and many online videos that talk about reading off a kindle. For most people, it is easier to read these devices than it is to carry around a book.

Here’s How To Read A Book On The Kindle:

Come and Check Us Out

As well as Kindle readers, we also have traditional books, computers, and more for you to check out. You simply have to come in and talk to us about your membership and we will get you set up so that you can use it all. What more could you ask for or hope for? The things in our library do not cost you anything; unless you are late on returning your items to us or damage them in some way. We encourage people of all ages to visit, even small children can gain from learning to love stories early on. Are you ready to come see us?