For more than 50 years, the FDL has been a proud supporter of the Duarte Library and the entire community. They have worked constantly to try and ensure that good things happen all around. They cannot do it without help and luckily there are people who give contributions to them to ensure they can do what they need to do. They have also received grants, which has enabled them to purchase Kindles and other things. Are you interested in seeing what they have to contribute or perhaps contributing what you can?

Things to Do at the Duarte Library

Each summer, there is a story time for you to enjoy. We have computers, books, Kindles, Legos for kids to express their creativity with, and so much more. There is also a festival of authors held to celebrate the authors that live locally and encourage others to become writers themselves. During the summer reading program, you will be able to make recipe books or aprons, paint pictures, and enjoy the story that has been chosen for that week.

Why Become Involved?

The FDL is a group of people who volunteer to devote their life to the library. They are all volunteers who work hard to ensure that kids have a reason to be interested in reading, learning, and playing. It is all about expressing their creativity. It is for the kids and the adults. It is to make the community a better place to be. You could also be a part of it and have a positive impact on the community.

Workshop Reading-Plans for Building a Go Cart

go kartKids and their parents are always looking for new ways to have a good time. For many, it involves getting lost in a good book, but for others, they want to get up and get out of the house. We feel that either option is great since both can spark creativity. This is no more noticeable than if you look at the number of people who go to the library in search of workshop reading-plans for building a go cart.

For the Love of Go Carts

soap box CarsSince the invention of wheels, it seems there have been kids and adults both in love with the idea of a go cart. It has lead to creative ideas about derby races and soap box cars. There is still a strong love of this type of vehicle for kids, but many of the children today prefer to go faster. They want the go carts, which use gasoline, battery power, and more. They love the ones that allow them to drive faster than the earlier “go carts”. However, as with all things, technology comes at a price and even the parents that want go carts may feel that it is not a justifiable purchase.

Going After Speed

DIY Go CartWith the knowledge that go carts are not always affordable for some families, the library has tons of books on how to build one. This allows parents to get creative and encourage their kids to help. Parents are now building go carts for themselves and their children. They enjoy having the ability to check out books that have plans for the old-fashioned derby cars and more advanced cars as well.

Creativity at Its Best

When you build your own go kart, you can put thought and effort into every aspect of it. A lot of the parts, such as the axel, brakes, and engine can be purchased secondhand to save you money. The one thing you shouldn’t really settle on is the steel that you will use to frame out the vehicle since you do not want it to be rusty or have a lot of jagged edges. You can use the type of motor that you want, which will determine how fast it goes and you can figure out what type of paint job you want for it to have. You can turn it into a dune buggy style cart or do anything else you want. There are books and plans available to tell you how to get it done.

The one downside for some families is the amount of effort and parts that are required for building their own. It can seem a little daunting and still end up costing you a good bit of money. There is also the issue of getting kids to want to help you build their go cart. If you are concerned about your ability to be creative, it could seem to be overwhelming. Alternatively there are a few gas powered go carts for sale cheap at scootersmarter.com if you feel you aren’t going to be able to build it from plans. As you’ll see there quite a few models that are now rather affordable. Although, maybe not as cheap as building your own, they are a close second. Note, that some may also require assembly.

Favorite Library Reading Nooks

Reading NookReading is something that is relaxing and enjoyable. It is something that most of us savor doing because it means we find a comfortable spot to relax and a little quiet as well. The problem is, not all of us have easy access to a place to unwind. Isn’t it time that you take a hint from your local library to discover a reading nook that you can carve out for yourself? Do you have a favorite library reading nook that you prefer or want to recreate at home?

What is a Reading Nook?

kids reading zoneA reading nook is a place that is comfortable to be in that allows you to focus on the story that you are reading or listening to. It is a place that you can go to lose yourself in a book or simply close your eyes to relax. In libraries, it is a space that is filled with all types of comfortable chairs and proper lighting to ensure that you are able to relax while reading your favorite books and magazines. They are also useful for listening to audio books.

Does Your Library Have a Reading Nook?

A lot of libraries are now giving people the chance to sit in reading nooks. It offers a way for them to get away from their busy lives and into a place that is designed to provide quiet reading experiences. If your library does not have a place for you to enjoy reading, perhaps it is time that you talk to them about providing one. These reading nooks may have a variety of things that make relaxing easy and most are affordable.

The Things You Will Find in a Reading Nook

library reading nookAt the library, you may find an area with comfy pillows for you to relax on. There may be bean bag chairs, overstuffed couches, and chairs, or other things. There may be head phones for you to wear when listening to audio books or when you simply want to block out all sounds. In kids’ area reading nooks, there may be book tables with fun books to read and a lot of pillows for kids to lay on. There may also be a place for grownups to cuddle with their child while reading a good book to them.

DIY Reading Nooks

You can recreate any of these spaces within your own home. You can see more baby bean bags for your child’s room and put pillows all around so that they want to be in that space with a good book. If you make it adult friendly, it will give you a great place to read with your child as you put them into bed at night.  In your reading nook, you need to add things that you feel are relaxing. Soft colors, comfy pillows, and a lounge chair may all work to make things great for you.

A reading nook can be anywhere in your home or in a child’s clubhouse. It is not so much about the location, but having book shelves, proper lighting, and a comfortable spot for you to relax in. Beyond those things, your imagination will be everything you need.

Importance of Upgrading Public Facilities

Small BusinessesOwning a business of any kind comes with responsibility, especially if your office or store is accessible to the public. Businesses that have doors which people are constantly walking into, need to be not only maintained but upgraded to ensure it will continue to operate safely. Do you strive to keep your business up to standards or beyond? Do you know the importance of upgrading public facilities?

Why Upgrading is Important

A clean facility is always a necessity. Sometimes though, all the cleaning in the world cannot make it look as good as you need for it to. At that time, you will need to consider upgrading as a way to keep people safe. Upgrading is also important if you are dealing with concrete that is cracking, steps that are breaking, elevators that are malfunctioning, shelves that are falling, and more. Tackling issues as soon as they begin to show up can prevent future problems. A bathroom that is old and used frequently could develop leaks, an entrance that does not look great may make people stay away, and damaged walkways make it perilous to everyone. It may look like a dirty restroom, even when clean. Do you want your potential clients to worry about cleanliness or get injured because of something within your facility?

Example Of Upgrading Public Facilitates

Our Reasoning for Improvements

Upgrade RestroomsRestrooms are always a priority in our opinion. A public facility should have the newest style toilets, the most sanitary sinks and faucets, and in general, look like a place that people do not mind visiting. Most businesses want customers and clients to spend time there. A dirty bathroom could send them running fast and in doing so; you may lose out.

Walkways and entrances are important because they are the first thing that will be seen by visitors. If your walkway is wooden or concrete and people have to worry about the next step that they take, they may walk away before giving your business a chance. The same can be said for entrances. Crumbling bricks around doorways not only looks gross, but it could make a potential client worry about whether the bricks will fall when they walk through. The last thing you want is for them to think of Halloween or a scary story as they approach your place of business.

The Improvements You Need

upgraded small business entranceIf you want to know what types of improvements or upgrades you need to work toward providing your clients; you should walk up to your business pretending you are a customer seeing it for the first time. Do you like the way your business looks from the outside or is there room for improvements? As you walk into the door, does it appear to have a nice counter or up-to-date equipment? Does the paint on the walls look clean? If you have tables and chairs for clients, do they appear to be in good shape? From there, take a walk into your bathroom. Do you see a lot of newer items with nice decor? Do all of your toilets flush properly or your sinks have a drippy leak? The improvements you need will vary depending on the type of business you have. You can look at some available upgrades here if you need to find the right ideas.


Book of Knowledge

Not Your Ordinary Library

Book of KnowledgeWhen you say the word, “Library” you most likely think of a very quiet place that is filled to the brim with books. You may think of the days when you were a child in your school library when the teacher would constantly say, “Shhh” or story time where you had to sit on the floor and simply listen. You may think of high school and studying for exams while whispering the questions and answers with a friend. The truth is, libraries have a pretty bad reputation for some, but not all libraries are designed that way. There are a lot of libraries out there that can honestly claim they are not your ordinary library.

The Way Libraries Are Today

Happy Reading

You can forget about the days of yesterday. Your public library most likely has many things to offer that you may never have expected a few years back. Most of them have accepted that people do not simply sit in a library and read or study. They are prepared for the high-tech group of people who are now searching for knowledge of a different kind. Most all of them are run by and have easy access to computers for the people who attend. There are story times for little kids, but most often they are imaginative and fun to attend. These libraries have tablets for you to use, audio books so you can “read” on the go, and more. There are even libraries that have very little to do with “books”.

A New Kind of Library

library beautyThe word library does not have to bring books to mind. There are history libraries that show you things from the past instead of having you read about them. There are places like the Salida CO library where you can see beautiful works of art. There are libraries that are designed for fun and there are ones that are designated to learning. You can choose to go to any type of library that you feel appeals to you and most all of them have special times when your experience can be taken to a whole new level. For instance, some have author days, wild animal shows, crafting, and so much more.

Look in a Book…Or Not

Have you ever explored a library that wasn’t book based? Have you ever turned to one to see what new things you could explore? Libraries are designed for people who want to keep their mind active. You can learn about a variety of topics, have hands on experiences, and get to know others who share similar interests. The possibilities of what you will see when you walk through the door of all libraries are unbelievable to most people until they see it for themselves. What will you find? It depends on the type of library that you choose to visit, but it is guaranteed to change the way you look at “boring” libraries. It may also give you a new appreciation for those quiet times when you are simply reading a book about your favorite topics.

Learn More at Your Local Library

public libraryLibraries are the computers of the past. They are there for entertainment and learning. They are there to help you and give you a quiet place to think. You can learn about projects that you can do and spend time showing your kids how much fun reading can really be. Throughout the year, most libraries even offer story times for kids where they can meet and mingle with other kids in their age group. This is especially helpful during the summer months when socialization options for kids are few. You can learn more at your local library if you are interested in seeing what they have available to their visitors.

Entertainment for All

story time funEvery library is filled with a large variety of things to provide entertainment for your family. There are fictional stories to entertain children, romantic novels to delight you, computers and tablets for you to use, and even movies or audio books to keep you relaxed when you are at home or in your vehicle. The library has something for each member of your family and there is no age limit for enjoying all that it has to offer.

The Things You Can Learn

audio booksLibraries are also educational places where you can learn about a variety of topics. There are cook books for you to use if you want something new and exciting for dinner. There are non-fiction books where you can learn about real life events that have happened or about someone famous that you are curious about. If you are looking for new projects to take on, the library has a lot of how to books for you to check out. You may even be able to use one to learn how to make your own shower head. This could save you a lot of money and give you a shower head that you are happy to use. If that is more complicated than you want, there are numerous other choices for you to consider that may be simply how to choose the right color for your living room.

What Will You Find at the Library?

animal showDuring certain times of the year, you can find all types of things at your local library. Some may have author days where a local or popular author comes in for a book signing or to talk to others. They may give speeches about what it took for them to become an author and how you should pursue your dreams of writing. Beyond the story time, some libraries may have animal shows for children where someone will come in and talk about animals that are local in that area. These animals may include snakes, lizards, and supersized insects. Every library will have different things available throughout the year. You can attend one event or all that they have. A membership to most libraries is free for anyone who wants to visit. You can check out books to take home, learn about upcoming events, and perhaps find new projects that you want to enjoy doing when you go home.

Kindle Program


Kindle readers are the most popular type of readers available. For this reason; we have now included them at the Duarte Library. It is thanks to the FDL (Friends of the Duarte Library) that we have ten of them available for you to enjoy when you come to visit us. It also makes us the first in all of the Los Angeles County Libraries to have this service available and we are recognized as being on the cutting edge of library services.

Why We Have Kindles

These ten Kindles are a part of a pilot program. If it is a successful venture and raises interest in our library; further funds will be invested to give people access to more Kindles. They are already filled with 100 classic books that covers several different genres. We have already provided you with the ability to read romance, young adult stories, nonfiction, self-improvement books and much more. They also have a case and charger to ensure that it is always ready when you want to read.

Using the Kindles We Have Available

If you are a member of our library; you already meet the requirements. You can come in and check out a kindle. You can feel free to keep it for up to three-weeks. When you are finished reading the stories that you want to enjoy; you should return the kindle, the case, and the charger.

In the event that you are not sure how to read via a kindle; you will be happy to know that there are people at the library who can help you and many online videos that talk about reading off a kindle. For most people, it is easier to read these devices than it is to carry around a book.

Here’s How To Read A Book On The Kindle:

Come and Check Us Out

As well as Kindle readers, we also have traditional books, computers, and more for you to check out. You simply have to come in and talk to us about your membership and we will get you set up so that you can use it all. What more could you ask for or hope for? The things in our library do not cost you anything; unless you are late on returning your items to us or damage them in some way. We encourage people of all ages to visit, even small children can gain from learning to love stories early on. Are you ready to come see us?