Sam Kang Promotes Creativity at Duarte Library

    The Friends of the Duarte Library (FDL) are grateful to Mayor Pro Tem, Samuel Kang, for the donation of $1000 towards the purchase of Legos. Now children, from toddlers to middle schoolers, will have the opportunity to capitalize on their creativity during Toddler Storytime and the Afterschool Family Library Club. Research demonstrates that this type of activity builds skills and interests that serve children throughout their school years, and later in life.

    Prior to Mr. Kang’s contribution, Legos were borrowed from the LA County Public Library Regional Office. Now, the manipulatives are on hand to help build the foundation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and they will be available for use on a regular basis. Knowing the importance of creating an environment that supports imagination, the Friends of the Duarte Library and Duarte Library appreciate the generosity of Mayor Pro Tem Kang.

Pictured: Joanna Gee, Duarte Library Manager, Samuel Kang, Mayor Pro Tem, and Wendy Wright, President of FDL.

Duarte Library is Cutting Edge of All County Libraries

(L-R) FDL board members Joan Schmidt Clayton, Pat DeRose, Joanna Gee (Library Manager), and Steve Baker are shown displaying many of the genres the library has available for Kindles.

    Friends of the Duarte Library (FDL) have purchased ten Kindles for check out at the Duarte Library. Duarte Library is the first Los Angeles County Library to have this service available to its members. Duarte Library and FDL were recently recognized by Los Angeles County Library Volunteer Program Director James Allred “as being on the cutting edge of library services.” “The ten Kindles are FDL’s pilot program, and if this service provides interest to our service communities of Duarte and Bradbury we will invest additional funds in purchasing more Kindles,” said Jan Wight, president of FDL.

    Each of the ten Kindles holds one hundred classic books plus a significant amount of books in different genres: Biography & Memoirs, Young Adult, Teen Fiction, Cozy Mysteries, Literary Fiction, Mysteries, Popular Non-Fiction, Romance, Suspense & Thrillers, and Spanish Fiction & Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, and Self Improvement. Each of the ten Kindles are accompanied by a case and charger. The set may be checked out for three weeks at a time and all pieces of the set must be returned at the same time.

    FDL continues to purchase $500 worth of books monthly for all ages, subscribes to periodicals of interest to our service area and the latest DVD’s, while making the Kindles available as well to our communities of Duarte and Bradbury.