Being a young author is not an easy task. In our community, there are kids who love to write and express their creativity through it. However, these kids are unsure of what to do with their creative energies. These kids are not sure who to turn to if they want to get published and they are not sure that they will be supported by those around them while they try. We want to change the way kids feel about writing. We want to know that they should reach for their dreams and work hard to achieve them. For that reason, we will again be hosting the authors festival in the coming years.

Inspiring Young Authors

One of the best things about our authors festival is the fact that it can inspire a young person to live their dreams, even if it does take them a while to achieve great success. They will have the opportunity to speak with best-selling authors and learn what it took for them to get to the top. They will gain an understanding of the simple fact that not all authors write a best seller on their first attempt, but if they keep trying; they can succeed. They will also have the opportunity to have books signed by some of their favorite authors; including those who live in their community and write for local papers or other publications.

Building a Stronger Community

We feel that a strong community should be a creative community. We want to encourage growth through expression. We want our young people to love books and writing as much as we do. We understand that the only way to do this is to encourage them in every way and we are pleased to say that it seems to be working well.