A festival is a great way to celebrate a variety of things. For the Duarte Library and the FDL, we use it as a way to celebrate the authors that are trying and/or succeeding at reaching their goals in the literary field. It is a single day celebration that we host yearly. It is a lot of fun and aspiring authors can learn a lot from listening to the stories that our invited speakers have to share.

Mark Your Calendar

This fall, we will host the biggest ever meeting of authors who are there to talk to you about their successes and the trails that they faced while getting there. They will show you their newest releases, allow you to purchase a copy for yourself, and have them sign it for you. All that you have to do is show up and discover why these people have succeeded so well.

Build the Community

It is said that you can build up the community by supporting your local libraries and helping young authors stick tight to their dreams. That is the purpose of our yearly festival. We want to encourage young, aspiring authors to dream bigger than ever before, we want libraries and book stores to thrive, and ensure that our community stays strong. Can you think of anything better than that?