For more than 15 years, the Duarte Library has been home of the annual Festival of Authors. It is a festival that allows you to get up close and personal with your favorite authors as you listen to their experiences as an author. During this festival, you will also have the opportunity to purchase books and have them signed by the author that wrote it. Are you ready for this year’s Author’s Festival?

Past Events

This event is a daylong festival. Throughout history there have been several very popular authors in attendance. For instance, Ray Bradbury has been in attendance. He is a Pulitzer Citation recipient. Others have included bestselling authors and local writers who have managed to make a name for themselves. They are people from all over who come to encourage young writers to stick to their dreams. It is an event that most people look forward to all year long.

Future Authors

We already have an extensive list of authors who have said that they will attend this year’s festival. As it gets closer to the date of the event, we anticipate having a lot more people show up to join in. We expect the local authors with their newest books and new faces that are now on the Best-Selling book lists. We will have them get on stage and talk openly about their successes and the efforts that it took for them to get to where they are today.

You Are Invited

Since there are so many wannabe authors out there who have not gained success; we feel it is important that you realize that they didn’t just become great overnight either. It takes time and a lot of attempts to be recognized for achievements. We invite you to come out and be educated and enlightened by the possibilities.